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  • "The company I work for started using The New Flat Rate a little over a month ago and I love it, I did $28,000 last week with an average of $11,000 per week where I was only doing 3,000 with our old system. The New Flat Rate is amazingly simple, love the system can't wait to try the new "Rejuvenation" of this great system". - Joel G. (Technician) 
  • “I’m not a good referral, because I’m not going to tell anyone about this gravy train.” – Blake (Contractor)
  • FLAT RATE PRICING - Why sell one repair when your customers probably want more? Yes it’s true, this system works and does the selling for you. It's a flat rate pricing book and sales presentation combined in one.
  • DIAGNOSE IN 5 MINUTES OR LESS - And get paid for your technicians expertise
  • ELIMINATE - "Trip Fee Only" calls. Customer's choose a repair when given choices. 
  • FREON - By the ounce by the pound or by the RESULTS!
  • YOUR BILLABLE HOUR - Is it right or is it sabotaging your sales? What’s the right billable hour?
  • PRODUCTS - The book. Some people want to relieve the stress along with the aches and pains of their service company. From high employee turnover to trying to teach technicians to sell. The New Flat Rate is a sales tool and price guide all combined into one book. The Difference? Each task has up to 5 options for the customer to choose. The customer chooses their level of service, upsells themselves and there is no high pressure selling, no expensive technician training, or unwanted call backs. Your customer simply chooses their level of service and your technician gets to do what he/she does best, diagnose and repair.


  • HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Books are currently available!
  • Software Integration. Ability to import and integrate with your service and dispatch software.
  • Online Members Training Suite. Easily train your office staff and technicians through our online suite of videos that thoroughly teach how to get started, how and why the system works, customer presentations, diagnosing, selecting the right page from your book for pricing and presentation.
  • Phone and Email Support. Got questions? Out on a job and have questions about your diagnosis? Call anytime for help!
  • New Price Book with Existing Customers. You do not need to increase your prices nor change your billable hour! The New Flat Rate provides options so your customers can choose the level of service that they want. The bottom option is the same price as your existing pricing for the same task, then there are up to 5 levels of service for each task which allow the customer to set their budget and have choices.
  • Quick Diagnosis! No more spending hours searching for problems and trying to upsell the customer. Simply diagnose the problem, and when a customer chooses a higher option you will be afforded the time to check and service the full system instead of just one problem area. Now you will be paid for your time and you will not be gouging the customer. 
  • Get Started With Your Whole Team or Just One Technician. Either way works fine, but an easy way to launch is to select one technician that you trust. They do not need to be your best sales person nor your best repair person. You simply need a technician you can trust. Hand them the book and ask them to check it out, try it in the field, and report back to you. When used on just 10 service calls, the difference in technician and customer satisfaction soars, ticket sales go up and everyone is happy.






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